Monday, May 11, 2009

Watch em before you die.

A friend of mine asked me "what's the latest movie you've seen?", my reply was "I dont remember". I had to correct that, so, I thought really hard and said "Fast and Furious part 4". Saw it in a cinema hall, It was really depressing. IT was worse than "Gajani".

The movie wasn't important enough to remember. I am still young and my mind still has the capacity to store memories, I know the story of F n F4, but its not really worthy of my time to repeat the story of the movie for someone else.
I do that a lot, its sort of my way of paying tribute to the movie.

I paid tribute to almost all the movies nominated for "best picture" oscar this year. I know i have described "Frost/Nixon" as a boxing match,"The Reader" made me stare at the screen until the credits rolled off, I thought it was better than the excellent "Slumdog".
Woody Allen's "Vicky, Christina, Barcelona" was beautiful. It was a artistic, it was sensual, everything a movie should be.

Until recently, I haven't really seen a good movie. All the action movies, were average. Seriously. Maybe i have matured or maybe i am becoming this really boring, uninteresting person, or maybe my movie watching preferences changed over time because I watch too many movies.

Nowadays, I have a fascination for indipendent movies. (An independent film, or indie film, is a film that is produced outside of any major film studio.) Flim festivals, repect these movies a lot. So, when looking for movies, you look for that specific film festival symbol.

Some indi flims which literally made my boggled my mind and popped my eyes out are "CHoose conner" and "Stephanie Daley" two I can Remember right now.

I am not overstating this, but your life is incomplete if you haven't seen these movies. And, I am not looking though a list, I am writing them with my mind. Besides film festival nominated movies, I respect classics a lot. Classic directors.

The first that comes to my mind is Milos forman. "One flew over the cuckoo's nest" I loved the conversations between the crazies, I loved the way, they were all shown as Human, like anyone I know.
"Amadeus" is another Milos Forman classic to me. The movie is about how Mortzart is "mind fucked" (i am loving this word nowadays) into suicide. The movie starts with "MORTZART.... FORGIVE ME.... I KILLED YOU MORTZART...".

Hitchcock. Alfred Hitchcock. I don't have to really tell you how much of a visionary this guy is. Watch "Psycho", " Vertigo", "Dial M for murder"... the list really goes on. I call him visionary because he sort of inspired people like "Spielgberg".

Lets talk a little about artistic movies. My definition of artistic movies is quite different from art movies (An art film (also called an “art cinema”, “art movie”, or in the U.S., an "independent film" or “art house film”) is typically a serious, noncommercial, independently made film or a foreign language film that may have these qualities, but may have been made by a major company in its home territory and achieved popular success. It may thus be aimed at a niche audience, rather than a mass audience,[1] or the use of subtitles in foreign language films may limit audience appeal.)

I don't believe in diving movies into genre. Some people, do not make movies for a genre. Woody Allen for instance, you cannot call him a comedy movie maker because, well he is a creative artist. His movies may be funny but not COmic. NOt much of a debate here, anyway, these are some more movies I remember.

Woody Allen's movies. EVery movie. No choosing there. He makes someone like me cool. SO, that's really nice for me.

There is this Iranian guy "Majid Majidi" i dont know his name really, havent seen his face. But his movie made me cry... I shed tears watching "Children of Heaven" for the first time. I was sort of drunk then but you know, I might just be saying that to hide my embarassment.

A french director "Krzysztof Kieslowski" I saw one of his color trilogy movie "White" from "Red", "White", and "Blue".
White means equal in french. I cannot say what the movie is about not because I didn't get it or not because I am researving that suspence, but you have to watch it for yourself. If I describe it, I ruin Kieslowski's idea.

Nepali movies also has a room in this anaysis.

"Deuta", "Kusume Rumal"... the songs were beautiful, And these movies really knew how to play with the mind of the audience. I heard they were remaking kusume rumal. They will ruin it. Am sure of that.

I have been wanting to watch "Basudev" for a really long time. I had seen the movie once when I was a child, I didnt really get it then, too much philosophy maybe.

Wrote this piece on may 12 2009. The above mentioned movies were movies I have seen in the last month or two. some names repeated because I have seen them too many times.

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