Thursday, May 28, 2009

Getting Romantic

I was in Kumari, the other day, watching Star Trek. It’s Science Fiction, and everything you expect from science fiction is there. Anyway, two rows ahead of us, there were two kids. I am refraining myself from calling them "a couple" because they were too young to fit the profile. But they were doing almost everything a couple does.

Star Trek is not Romantic. There are a few kisses and flirts. Even "Mission Paisa" has some. But these two were really getting it on, while watching the movie. I mean, The guy had his hands over her face, and they were well really getting romantic. I didn’t really see their face before the interval. Nepalese have a really small bladder we always need an interval in a two hour movie.

During the interval, I saw their face. The first thing that came to my mind was "Grade 8". Well, you know someone is grade 8 when you have that really small lining of pubescent mustache. To some consolation, the girl looked a bit older, but grade 8 nevertheless.

I had girls in mind in grade 8 among so many other things. And, once in grade 8, I saw some of the really good looking ones making out in the balcony. Broke my heart. Now, I don’t want to sound like a nerd. You know, by normal people's definition, nerds are people who never get the girls and so, they make up things, also called theories or philosophies or ideas, to console themselves. 

And, I am not against public display of "love". But if the couples are really young, it makes everything different. The main problem starts when people start generalizing about the whole society by looking at a FEW samples. I have been through grade 8, and I know many students who are in grade 8 in West Point High School, in Thankot, and those students are not that sexually active. Ok, they have that culture of sending love letters, and they say "I have a girlfriend" and "I have a boyfriend". But that's not bad, because you don’t really think about getting physical at that very young age. 

OK, an example. 

Two weeks ago, on Sunday, I was drinking (don't tell my parents) with my brother in Baneshwore. We had about half a dozen beers left. We were going very slowly. I don't like hurrying up when I drink. I like the Mr. Bajaj Style of Drinking. (Yeah, I used to watch Kasauti in Grade 9, you caught me). 

Anyway, there is a girl's hostel very close to the home. The whole building is a girl's hostel, on the top floor, there are A-level students (17-19 years old). I am not naming the college. Now, we were not eavesdropping, but we were merely "over-hearing" conversations. 

They were talking about guys and chest hairs. There was resonance of "Tero Buda KO Chaati Bhari Jhyau huncha... chyaaa... hahahaha". Didn't really make me proud of having chest hairs. Damn Media. 

Its nice listening to different groups of people, because well, you get a different perspective of life. Girls do not talk so freely when guys are around, so, I didn't really feel like I was sinning. 

Suddenly, (I am jumping topic, bear with me), I heard a window smash. 

It was night-time, and we were getting drunk, nevertheless, we tried to be very quiet. Because in a society, you need to be BEHAVE. No matter what you do, or who you are, you need to follow the rules. 

The window smash created a flood of flashlights in the surrounding houses. There was load shedding, and it was about 10 at night. 

Then we heard voices. We listened carefully this time. 

He was a teacher, calling a girl student to come meet him. The hostel warden was a really strong voiced woman; she was threatening him saying she'll call the police. I guess the girl was in the top floor, and she was dead scared. I didn't really see her face, but when you so much cricket as me; you sort of know how to read some body language. 

There were other girls protecting her, telling her not to worry. 

Cops didn't come. The warden couldn't call the cops. It’s a college located in Baneshwore. And, it’s really reputed, I guess they thought you can't call the cops and make it an issue.

After some time, I found out that the strong voiced hostel warden locked the teacher in a really dark room. He was still shouting from there, but the situation had sort of neutralized. 

I don't know why he was after that girl, I can only speculate. And, what I saw was evil under the influence of alcohol. But, I interpreted that calling a 17 year old, in the middle of the night needs some courage, and lot of signs reading from the drunk. She must have given signs that she would come out at 10 at night. But she was scared. That's her natural response to this situation. 

The problem with public display of romantics is that it generalizes the whole segment of the population. Not everyone is horny every day. Are they? I guess everyone wants to be unique, and I guess everyone wants their life to have some sort of adventure. Have a heroine by their side, and fall in love. 

Anyway, small pecks on cheek, and holding hands is great. I support that. You go one step ahead, you may get your story recorded in a cell phone-over the internet- and then to your parent's computers.


  1. This is interesting post. I like the part of boys eavesdropping on girls. Yeah indeed, girls and boys usually when together don't really speak based on reality or what they really feel but rather speak on assumption of what other like. Keep on wriiting. You writing is clear and flowing. Great to know about your blog. looking forward to read more

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