Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This is Not Porn !!

Remember Grade 9 sex education class? Yah, The black Board was half filled with of Internal sexual, you know, organs. The teacher then read the whole, process with utmost clarity, and that was that. Then, they expected us to memorize the figures for Exams. And it was boring. The process of teaching sex with chalks and dusters. And later rote learning it at home.

I thought sex education was supposed to avoid teenage pregnancy. I don't think people can relate to foreign figures on the blackboard which is drawn and, it doesn't even look like something you see in the toilet everyday.

Another example, Grade 7, the whole class burst out laughing when the teacher read "Condom". The students were reading along with the teacher and they burst out laughing when the teacher read condom.

The teacher gave a sheepish smile, and said "Well, you know about these things.... that's good."

Yeah we knew about Condoms, the "JHILKE DAI, CHA CHAINA CANDAMA" Ad was airing in Nepal TV and Radios of Nepal then. Everyone knew what Condoms were. Everyone knew that it was supposed to stop AIDS, and other sexual Diseases. And, Condoms were thrown in concerts everywhere. And it filled up like a balloon if you blow air in it.

But 1999 Grade7 students didnt really go to concerts. Very few had seen, you know, condoms. And Girls were menstruating, and Guys were discovering masturbation.

What prompted me to write this note was this some school, a girl had to miss a year because she was pregnant. At Grade 8. Maybe it is a rumor, but its shocking. And, I even know the girl's name. However, I don't know how many else do. And in a country like Nepal, Bad news travels faster than electricity.

My friend's sister is in grade 8 in some other country. And she says her school has given her a "baby". The "baby" is a robot. The baby cries like a real baby, poops like a real baby, you know, and eats, and sleeps like a real baby. She had to keep the baby for 15 days. And she will be evaluated, by her parents and teachers on how she handles the baby.

I guess that's a much better way to learn about sex than by weird scribblings in the blackboard, or from porn sites in the internet.

But I am not blaming Nepali teachers. Yes, There has been a "If you can't Do, Teach" Trend. I have been seeing those teachers all my life. But there are some. Who still draw figures with chalks. But explain...with some stories of their own.

But we cannot only blame the teachers. See, Parents in Nepal cannot talk to their children about sex. Its not the norm. Besides, Parents think their children know everything about sex from all the movies and music videos. and their friends.

Yeah, Grade 8 boys and girls learn how to masturbate, from friends.

There have been some cases however, of Parent-Son talks. It only starts after the parent catches their children watching porn, or some Anjelina Jolie flick.

Those children need all the luck explaining "This is not Porn!!" to those parents.