Monday, October 27, 2014


This guy is always online!
So is that girl.
I am not saying Hi.
That little fuck.
She ignored my last message.

Well, see if I give a Fuck!

Dashain Photos.
Tihar Photos.
Trek Photos.
Changed his profile picture, with his wife again.
No. That's his mother this time.
His Sister?
Can't tell.
Forgot what they looked like.
No more hot women in here.

Oooh, this one's cute.
Wonder who she is.
No... too young for me.
Oh my god.
But in school she was like...
You little clever filtering fuck!

10 reasons why your parenting skills are better than these.
Ebola is actually American politics for expensive health care.
New research, drinking marijuana-milk cures indigestion.
Interstellar is not good enough for Oscars?
My wife killed herself after her 50th continuous orgasm.

Hell the fuck no. 

Another 20 liner post. Just Like it. Don't have to read it. Move on.
And you.
You love glorifying the fuck out of yourself don't you? You self obsessed little prick.
One more like for you.
Comment "I am so proud of you"  (My Son)
This girl's always selling something.
And this guy is always talking about his film.
Something he made 2 years ago.

What else?
This is fake,

When will god Smite this pretentious fuck?
Why the fuck would you be so offended?
This is not about you,
This is not at all about you, You little bowl of old fart smelling, spit drinking, vomit sucking fucktard!!!

Stop pouting!
Bite your lower lips if you want to look sexy!!
GOD, please I beg you, please smite this Cynical Shit.
And, Why, in this little fucking world, would you try to break a smile if you are constipated.

HA! fucker's gained so much weight.
Do I look that old?
I am ok.
I think.
जय Sailnger! जय Caufield!!  

- AbhiManyu Dixit
11:11 am
Bhat Bhateni

[Author's note:
If this offends you, count 13 lines from the last line of the poem.]

Sunday, August 31, 2014

From My Phone, To My Phone.

I don't know how long you'll be with me.
But when I wake up, you're the first thing I see.
Thats true! Even before my morning pee.
Or my morning tea. But I like drinking coffee.

I remeber we've been through a lot.
We've watched game of thrones while smoking pot.
We've googled incognito with keywords like 'slut'.
And we've always caps locked for EQUALITY, BUCKETS, and maybe a samakhusi HUT.

My dear phone, we've seen so much.
Vodafone Zoo Zoo dolls, and that dog from hutch.
Played teen-patti online, but never with real money as such.
Polish film makers on youtube, and that interview in dutch.

Thank you. For being so nice.
Ah, flipkart! Thats where I got you for quite cheap a price.
I've never had to be sad about Katrina Kaif in slice.
Just realised I've never had to photocopy any of my MA notes! Jesus Christ!!!

You're so funny.
Why else would you take me places that required my name, credit card, and money?
Is it really that dangerous to mix ghee with honey?
And My god! You once told me my girlfriend is going to be a mommy!!!

Here's to us.
To facebook, instagram, youtube, and all those apps.
To sexting, nudes, and comode angry birds.
To googling menstural pains, to googling pimples filled with pus.
To life, and to the pain of seeing that fuckface get married to your crush!!!

No, I am not giving you away,
Neither am I destroying you today.
This was something nice, I wanted to say.
Thank You for being this way, and staying this way.
And to quote superman, Up-Up-And-Away!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Its changed
so much.
I just wanted to see if its active- my blog.

and it was. but its changed so much, everything.
It took me almost half an hour to actually get to New post
and start writing.
everything is so new, and young, and hip.
makes you feel like an old man.

why wouldn't everything be young? everyone sells to younger people nowadays
you can't even go "Wow, look at that girl in the bikini ads," because she might be under 18, and you might be a creepy, old, bearded pedophile.

Late 20s is old. Early 30s is young though.

I want to bet, like, with real money, that,
When I start my 30s, I will look younger, and be more full of energy than when I am 27.
I am 27. No doubt about that, October 1, 1986. Teaching hospital. Always maintained that.

I was offered to change my age, in Galaxy, when the teachers told us to fill this form.
Just numbers right?

But I didn't.
Freegin Righteous No?
Now, I am 27, no stable job, no car, living from my parents, and a whole lot of freegin education.
I could have been
26, no stable job, no car, lives with me parents, and a whole lot of freegin education.
or even better
25, no stable job, no car, lives with me parents, and a whole lot of freegin education.

this is going to be that post.
That post that everyone has read,
by mid 20s, all my friends are married, and post children pictures on their facebook,
and we have to like it.
If you don't you're evil. So evil.

and when they make their children wear their football jersey, and tag you,
because once, 4 years ago, you put all your money on that one team
that never got you anywhere.
they tag you.
you have to like it
and then comment.

Nah, I am not angry at any specific one of you.
Its just that i want to write, but I don't know what to talk about.

maybe I have too much in my mind, or maybe I just have fragments of things I want to talk about, I am not confused on what I want to do. I want to type.
Freegin type until my fingers start finging and find a life of their own.

Yea, I think its going on as planned. My fingers finging and I am finding longer paragraphs.
But its rule isin't it?
Like if you want to say something different to what you have been saying, you need to change paragraphs.
I just press enter.

Anyway, being back feels ok. Nothing good about it.
So, looking back at what internet and people were about 2 years ago, and today,
the only difference is Memes.

Lovely pictures coming up with 1 liners, 2 liners, comic style boxes, and what not...
wonderful way to tell someone somthing, and not feel like you are offending the person.
and its all got to do with this one thing
human beings, no matter how civilized they are, they cannot keep their shit to themselves.
Like, keep your opinion to yourself kind of shit.

I cuff, curse a lot.
just for the day, its the excitement of being back. But then, like any grumpy old man,
I curse the present younger lot.
to quote a poem I have not written yet:

"I.... I you little piece of crap,
 I started free thinking
I... I began glorifying myself
You were not even of legal drinking age when I
I... invented awesomeness
I... I am your voice that dreamed to be a rebel,
Because of me, You can complain, and whine."

Friday, November 11, 2011


Its fantasy.
Created for your mind.
And you willingly submit yourself for an entrapment...
You are trapped in the space, and time-
Its A fault of the system you created once-

The routine of existence..
and you shall pay for it,
with things that are dear to you-
pay with money, emotions, and time.

Emotions cannot reason,
you cannot think with that little corner in the brain... I call it amygdala... you call heart;
begins and ends in your home...
In your living room...
with a smaller canvas 14 to 40 inches;
or papers filled with information that lures you;
Lures you out of your home,
and into the big dark castle- with surround sound.

It is a Fantasy Dome,
and you expect to travel
into a new space everytime;
and you are never travelling light,
you carry these commodities,
for the other senses that you don't indulge in,
you want to make the best of the 2 hours; the culture of it, the whole experience of it.

Your sense of taste,
of smell and of touch. ....
you want it to feel good.
And the Show begins.
First they'll flirt with you.

They may make you laugh,
Smile, make you start liking what you see.
They have to. You have to.
You have to be eased into the whole process;
They will never use force,
your indulgence is too precious.

Its all a relaxing supply of serotonin and dopamine...
quiet little chemical impulses, in your brain...
Making you happy,
taking you into that fantasy you want from it.
They'll even use examples from your daily life.
Things you need to relate to,
Things that make you feel that that is me,
that is my idea, my voice.

And you use all your reasoning- but everything based on emotions...
They sum you up into simple formulas of life,
A Mission you always wanted to achieve,
Romance- love letters, beautiful conversations,
a kiss on the first date, Or the wish of it.

Adventures, fears, and everything you wished out of your
boring little life.
Accompanied with music,
to entrap your emotions some more...
make you feel like its you that you are watching...
And then before you know it- a twist.

Overworking your Amygdala,
they present you with another mission to accomplish.
And another, and another.
You never get tired of the indulgence,
While you are always sitting in that dark space,
and you forget of the thousands like you watching, feeling.
because you find your connection.
they want you connected.
They will never let you go free.. and you do not wanted to be free eighter;
you wanted escape...
escape into the mind of a bunch of men and women taking you for a ride into their minds...
their imaginations...

But you make it your own...
when they leave you,
You still don't come out of it,
and you are never free when you leave the dark dome.
The trip is never over...

and right after you go home,
Amir Khan will sell you Coca Cola in your living room.

- AbhiManyu Dixit, 10-21 p.m. 11-11-11, Bhat-Bhateni-5, Kathmandu

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Telling a story

Once upon a time;

Once upon a time,

in a land far-far away,

Not actually a Land, A Lake,

with drizzling snow-flakes,

No no, a lake has very few water Comparatively,

There is more water, a lot - lot more.

As much as there is water in the sea, So, once again,

Once upon a time

In a SEA far far away.... Nah, even more water,

The ocean.

Whatever, there is a lot of water.

So amidst this water,

Lived a fish

I don't know what breed of fish it was.

It was a fish ok.

We call it “Fish”.

So, Fish had a Family.


I should first build you up a bit. Tell you what kind of story it is.


It’s a tale of love, and hate and the ultimate goal of human ness= Revenge.

No, that’s one of the goals, its about Happiness. Yeah.

It’s a fun filled story with you message seeking people,

“The moral of the story is:”

As if I am a prophet and you are my follower.

What else?

There are characters,

All kinds of Characters,

There is this city dweller

who lives in a rented apartment, and

Has bought some land in the outskirts

of the city and now is building a house there.

He toils every day because he has no money.

There is this Farmer in a remote Nepali village

who has a small land,

And wants to try some different crop this time around

That’s Because he has quite a lot of money,

So, the Farmer has a wife;

who is sort of a Marijuana Addict,

She began smoking after her two daughters got married off are now working in Qatar.

Her Sons are in Dubai and Iraq cleaning plates for the American Army.

They send her money every month,

She's just bored out of life.

She does nothing all day but roll up a joint.

Her Husband works in the field all day,

and she stays home and smokes that Dubey.

I don't know who calls Marijuana a Dubey.

Sounds like an Indian Name :

Putting it down in a sentence: Mr. Dubey I like it when your wife wears a saree, makes her look, sooo... umm feminine.

Mr. Dubey: Really?

Unknown man who just told Mr. Dubey that his wife is hot: Yeah Man, super feminine.

Mr Dubey: I calling her now... oh PARVATI where you be huh suite-hart?

Mr. Dubey: I cannot be hearing you.

Indians have better English than Americans. They are superior Beings in every way.

It’s just that they have a lot of hair.

If it’s some consolation, the Normal Nepali's English is also Good.

It’s just our PRO-NOUN-SIA-SON; for the lot of us, a Wii is a WAI, not a WEEE.

I guess Dubey’s wife Parvati actually turns out to be this

Really hot grade school class teacher.

You know, the one every student has their first crush on.

But then after a few classes,

all the students start hating her because of her attitude.

She calls a poem a poem,

and a story a story and when a student writes something like this,

you know, like

What I am writing to you right now,

and what you are reading right now.

It would mean Disaster,

a “C” or a “D” or

even an “F” if she had a fight with her husband last night.

Deviating from the topic a lot; not cool.

Ok, getting back back back back now.

I was telling you a story about a Freegin FISH.

So, once there was a Fish.

The fish lived in a sea and had a family.

Not really, he was in a process of making a family.

He has a fish-wife.

And he has eggs that he and his wife took care of.

They planned it a lot more before taking the plunge and

must have been a hard decision to take,

your life stopping for some new beings you give life to,

I don't know I am just a story teller.

So one day, a snake falls off a boat.

So, the ocean is Indian Ocean, and thus the snake is a cobra just so that we are all clear.

I know a few breed of snakes, unlike fishes,

but I like Cobras, can relate to them easy. mmmmmm Sridevi.

So, a cobra fell off a snake Charmer's boat,

and it landed right outside Fish’s home, when he was not there.

Now the cobra would Normally eat the Fish's eggs,


But the cobra was well fed by the Snake charmer.

But the Cobra was trapped inside the box, and

Was living in a prison,

It turns out that the cobra is actually

very horny.

You know, all those years

being trapped in the Snake Charmer's box,

and having nothing to do all day but dance to a tune, just made him a maniac.

So, he did what any extremely sexually frustrated cobra would do.

He ended up having an affair with the Fish Wife.

So Fish, our Main PROTAGONIST comes back home,

and finds this huge snake in bed with his wife.

Angry at both, he goes out to the nearest Gun Store,

and gets himself a gun.

Then he Photocopies his citizenship card,

sits in line out of some government office,

Gets the police to approve of this,

and finally gets a license to shoot the gun.

Just so everything is legal.

But both of them had died already-

The Fish's wife and the snake.

I don't know how they died.

It must be the love making- that kissing and biting and stuff.

Well, The cobra was obviously poisonous.

So, the cobra's poison just transmitted to the fish's wife's body

and you know, the fish's wife bit back.


They are dead, end of their story.

Fish was distraught, you know in utter despair.

Fish threw both the dead bodies out.

Fish saw the bed sheets got angrier, and removed them too.

That was moment when the fish saw them.

Eggs: so many of them, right under the bed sheets.

Fish had once read an article on National Geographic on how to fertilize Eggs.

And this was it.

This was the process.

You place a bed sheet over the eggs and you do it over,

and that's how you make babies happen.

Fish could now understand the Fish's wife's psyche.

She wanted her off-springs to have the better hormones of the snake.

There were 500 eggs in total and not even one belonged to him.

The fish's anger brought out the worst in him.

He takes his gun out, loads bullets into the gun and starts firing away.

With loud Bang he shoots the first egg.

A fetus' brain splattered all over.

Another shot, and another and another and another.

He kept on shooting until his anger subsided.

His anger did subside.

He had destroyed about 50 eggs.

He sat down and thought about what he did.

Time healed wounds faster in this part of the world.

3 months after that incident,

The Fish was attending this conference on safe parenthood,

He meets this wonderful fish with white fins and a golden halo.

He thought she was Angelic, and Extremely Like able.

They became friends pretty fast,

and she helped him out with his eggs, took care of them,

and they got Married.

Pretty Fancy Ceremony.

So, The whole world actually got better after he knew

this Angelic, and Extremely Like able Fish.

And his eggs hatched.

Out of the 450 Eggs remaining, weather and everything permitting,

only 100 survived.

Because of his care, and, support and also the presence of

Angelic, and Extremely Like able Fish's help,

all of the eggs hatched into small fishes, except one.

One of the fish turned out to be a Snake.

But both the fishes accepted their fish and snake offspring,

they were growing them up just the same.

But one day, after all the fishes and the snake was old enough,

Fish remembered that the snake was a cobra,

and it was possible that their son too was poisonous.

So, Fish went through all the issues of National geographic ever written on cobras.

So, he finds out, that even if the cobras’ parents are poisonous,

the offspring might not be.

Sort of like AIDS.

"A Poisonous cobra can be recognized.” Said the National Geographic,

“It has fangs with Poison Glands, however the more distinguishing feature is that a Non Poisonous cobra has a red colored mole below its neck."

The fish now had a lead.

He went to his sleeping son with his torch, and checked the fangs.

There were there, he had fangs.

And now to look for the mole.

A red mole.

The Most deciding factor in his life.

He checks in the front, there was no mole.

He checks left- No mole.

He checks Right- No Mole.

He then checks the back of his neck- MOLE.

A red mole.

Fish is now officially happy.

He wakes Small non poisonous Snake up, his offspring

and hugs it tightly.

For the first time in the reptiles’ life,

the snake was hugged by his father.

Both of them were happy.

At night, when the Fish returned to his bed

he kissed his wife and the mother of his children

the Angelic, and Extremely Like able fish,

He is happy. She knows he is happy.

He tells her everything.

His wife then says "even if he was poisonous, we would have loved him just the same wouldn't we?"

The Fish thinks about it a while,

almost and hour,

He thinks about stuffs.

About the Cobra who messed up his life,

and everything.

He had grown up since the incident.

"Yeah. I guess so.”

He said after a half an hour’s interval.

Then he thought some more.

Upbringing is their part.

You grow up a child, turn it into a poison spitting cobra or a cute fish,

Its all up to you.

“Yes we would have" he replies, his conclusion of his Big thesis.

And he falls asleep.

After a while,

the wife gets up from her bed,

and flushes the red ink bottle down the toilet.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Legalize Porn!!

Well.... I don't want to be establishing myself as this immoral or unethical character of the century by talking about this, and also, I don't think I am a victim of censorship here I believe no one is a victim unless you accept defeat. I am not accepting defeat. Never!

Well, I got my first taste of censorship when "Buds Film Fiesta" was censored by the film development board of Nepal.... Let me rewind a bit....
What happened was, we made this film called "LUST" which translates to "Wasana" in Nepali and "Hawas" in Hindi. All the three words have sexual connotation. Literally it means passion... immense passion... You'd have to watch the film to know why we kept LUST as the main title.

Anyway, We entered the film in Buds Film Fiesta: presented by Gopi Krishna Movies, (I am reading the flyer now); organized by "Creative Intranational Production Arts, Nepal" (CIPA); the television partner- Sagarmatha Television, Radio Partner- Radio Filmy. So, In the middle of the festival, Buds Film Fiesta was CENSORED, by Film Development Board. This happens only in Nepal, you see, no film festival in the world is censored.
Organizing a film festival means investment of a lot of funds, and people and time; everything seemed like it was going to waste, but CIPA and friends, made this possible by gathering established film makers and completing the Fiesta in Gurukul, School of Theater. There was Unity against the common enemy- CENSORSHIP, very similar to the February 2006 story.

Now here is the history from our perspective. When newspapers wrote about Buds Film Fiesta, Most newspapers had LUST's picture as the Artwork of the Film Festival's Coverage. Pictures of our female lead, Manisha Bista was in almost all newspapers. We were rejoicing. Why wouldn't we, our first film, and its getting all the publicity. But, almost immediately... we heard that the festival was cancelled. Complete shock!
Some of my friends pointed out that the people from the film development board must have read newspapers which had the words, VAASANA, LUST, HAWAS in them; and thus, they thought its a "sexy" film. So, they censored the whole festival. Made us feel bad.
Ok, maybe it happened that way... maybe not, but its not a far fetched idea. But come on people!! we planned to show the film in KU and we would have to be crazy to be including sex scenes of KU students to show it to KU students.
Anyway, it ended quite happily I guess... the film festival concluded... there was this huge event in Gurukul and everyone opposed censorship; and LUST won the best film of the festival. We're supposed to get a loads of prizes and other stuffs; haven't had that yet.

Case 2 Now,
Recently, Nepal Telecommunications Authority googled "sex", and blocked 60 sites which appeared as "Sex ful" to them. Along with some genuine porn sites were and, and all the subdomains of the But later, someone told them of their stupidity and they reinstated where you are reading this piece... which is exercising its freedom of speech HA HA! (Nelson Style)

But the scenario could be worse. Pradeep Bashyal in his writeup in Kantipur quotes Anil Blogger of saying that one day these people will block emails because they think that we are exchanging dangerous informations over it. Indu Nepal from Nepali Times has predicted that one day Newspapers will be censored because the newspaper editorials "threaten stability".

Where there is a will there is a way. See, They tried blocking facebook in China, I facebook chat with my good friends from China everyday. I guess China is a stronger in IT Nepal... and I am not saying Nepal is incapable. But Internet my friends can be taken over from a teenager- were you too young to remember the Y2K bug?? For now, lets just say, You can't really block porn-sites. You can use so many proxy sites. Which I am sure NTA knows about, and will try to block them in future.

Why Block Porn? The NTA says its because Porn excites young people and will lead to violence against women. Well, and have they done research to prove that? I dont know, Indu Nepal, says they haven't. And she also adds that sex crimes in Denmark has decreased since the legitimization of Porn in Denmark- back in 1969.

So, let's calculate for those of us who are weak in Mathematics:
1970-1980= 10 years
1980-1990= 10 years
1990-2000= 10 years
2000-2010= 10 years
10+10+10+10= 40 years...
40 years of legal porn films. Porn is censored in Nepal after 40 years of legal porn history of the world. Can porn be made into an industry? We will talk about this;

Does Porn excite people? Yes it does. Should Porn be controlled? Well yes. It should.
Young children should not be allowed to see porn.
However, Communication against porn should always be targeted to parents and/or guardians; let them have a free competitive advertising campaign in Prime time Nepal TV or Kantipur TV news saying "PARENTS CONTROL YOUR CHILDREN, THEY MIGHT BE PERVERTS FROM WATCHING TOO MUCH PORN".
But you don't control the adults. If adults are wise enough to think about which corrupt politician to vote for then, they are wise enough to follow the rules and live in a lawful state.
Now having read all that, please don't argue with something like "DUDE, PORN BRAINWASHES PEOPLE INTO HAVING SEX WITH EVERY THING THAT MOVES." I cant say anything to that.

Now, Can Porn be made into an Industry?

I was really devastated when NTA blocked every pages.. really angry. I wanted to start this campaign called "GOD SAVE THE QUEEN" because Sex Pistols website was also blocked.... and which would go on for about 2-3 phases.
You See, After a long discussion with friends, we concluded that this campaign should end with a grand "SOUTH ASIAN PORNOGRAPHY-FILM FESTIVAL" where porn film makers from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal can come together, and talk about how much their lives has been affected. Talk about films, film form, film structures, contents in their films... And basically communicate, and share. You know, Deal pornography as an art.
Of course, the government has to legalize porn first, and create avenues to block children from viewing pornographic materials in that festival, and take stern actions against any film makers that uses minors in their films...
In the end, it became a beautiful GUFF...

But its still a dream... you know, imagine watching porn in one of those cinema halls with great sound effects something like Jai Nepal... wait... didn't Jai Nepal used to be a Porn Film showing film (B-Grade Hindi film, softcore porn) hall before Quest took over and changed it completely. And I know Ganesh Hall in Suryabinayak used to show porn. Also Paramhansh Hall of Kalaiya showed porn. Men came to the halls, shagged off, and walked out. Simple as that.

There has always been a culture of eve teasing in our society... even before porn you know, and its not because of porn that there are violent crimes against women, its because of the PATRIARCHAL SOCIETY... PITRI SATTA... You know, men in power?? YES!! There are examples where Women have taken a stance against eve teasing; and won. And there are women who oppose this confined society by following fashion that exposes more skin compared to 10 or 20 or lets say 40 years ago.....

And ALSO, We are as ugly a society as all those 1980s Hindi Films... that showed Red Light Areas of Mumbai...

You know we have red light areas in Kathmandu. I am not telling you where... But you get to read about them a lot in Newspapers, and investigative stories in Magazines and have seen them in documentaries.
Take for instance all those sex workers in Kathmandu. Well, there are sex workers in Kathmandu, and all those nude bar dancers.... you do agree on that right. How much do you think are they paid? Its not like if they are unhappy they can quit. Its an imperfect system. I know that. And shoving everything away into a corner has never served purpose. These problems will not go away unless you devise a system. Come on people, prostitution is the oldest profession of the world... If its legitimate, and legal, you can control more crimes. That's what I think anyway.

Its very similar to try to make marijuana illegal. Seriously!...........Yeah... too much bichars at once... sorry to overload you like that..... Ok. I should conclude now.

Before I conclude, Here is a list of porn sites provided via a press release by Nepal Telecommunications Authority.

Which I think was a great help from the NTA because Now Nepali people have more options to visit porn sites... i call it the NEPALI STYLE OF PROMOTING PORN in young people...

To watch them from Nepal,

1. Go to

2. and enter the following websites which are given by Nepal Telecommunications Authority via a press release…/satc…sex/92-10-21_sex.htm

Saturday, August 21, 2010

1990s Kathmandu

This is almost a true story.

It was mid 90s in Kathmandu... right before the turn of the century. You know, the New Millenium. I think that was the best time period for Kathmandu. For a couple of reasons.

I am not going to romanticize Kathmandu just because I was born here and I grew up here.

Its a beautiful place for me.

What was good about Kathmandu, and my child-hood I think it would be more suited if I say "my teenage", I had just entered my teens, and I scored like 80 percent in my exams and father bought me a FM radio. What? It was a huge deal for me. I used to be a really bad student. Like really bad.So, 80 percent was something really great. Of course that was grade 6 in galaxy public school and they gave marks for homeworks, and classworks, and tidy text books, and everything else. My father really thought I had done good in class.

Anyway, I got the radio, and I used to listen to Hits FM. Even before grade 6 I used to listen to hits FM. Of course most of the VJs of Hits FM left, and I dont know which frequency they are running in right now. There are so many FMs today.

I think there were a few back then, just the right number. Come to think of it, Kathmandu was in its peak at 90s. Some of you might disagree, you might say that Kathmandu reached its peak when Cat Stevens and Bob Serger sang about it and when hippies came and discovered Marijuana thus boosting the tourist economy.

But I was not around in the 60s. So, for me, Kathmandu saw its peak at 90s. Why do I think so? Well, first, there were not many people in Kathmandu. Less cars, smaller roads, and cheap transportation. Cross the cheap transportation part out. Because, it might not be relevant; and it might sound stereotypical too. Anyone asks you what you remember about the past, you say"ah, we used to buy the whole house for Rs. 200 or so."... you know.

Anyway, There were not many people around, Kathmandu was not overpopulated, Kapan, Budanilkanta was peaceful, there was no maoists, all the news was boring and it came from Nepal TV.. but the people who presented it looked really professionals. Ever seen that "She's the BOMB" guy present news?? Its just so wrong. Just really really wrong.

And we used to listen to FM. Kantipur FM was ok, from the start. ANd then came Image FM... I bought Rappaz Union... "In da House"... I think... it was an album cover with paper. Later I realized Lattu Hip-hop was much better, "YEI HO MANAVTA KO NATA? HUH?"

You could really guess image and kantipur wanted to develop themselves into this huge corporate house from the start. If you read the signs... They played contemporary music, both English and Hindi, and all of you being mindless ZOmbies sang those songs. Yeah, remember Backstreet Boys, and Boyzone, and Britney Spears?? Yes, I sometimes sang them when I went to school. Later it was Eminem, Avril Lavigne... yeah.. we all had our share of rough childhood. And hindi songs. I am proud to say the first cassette I bought was "Dil Se"- the guy won an oscar like after 10 years of Dil Se. See I have good taste.


But Hits FM was different. It had a different Image to that of Kantipur and Image (hehe that rhymed). Hits FM was not contemporary. It was more classical and off mainstream than contemporary. I think it was Hits FM where I first heard Janis Joplin, Elvis, CCR, the whole 50s 60s, 70s, 80s, era. Which was not really norm for Kantipur and Image because they served the mass.

I have this theory you know, never think about serving. You can always GIVE the people what they want. But in doing that, you will always be making them dumber. What I think one as a human being should do is share.

Not preach. Never preach. Just try to assimilate and share.

Anyway, Kathmandu was a great place to be in at that time. I was a teenager and my hormone were realizing girls. I started noticing girls in grade 4-5. My friends in Elites co-ed had girlfriend in grade 3... "will you be my girlfriend??... Yes... come on lets hold hands and sing a song..." .... You think that's weird? Well girls in Nepali Villages get married at around age 13-14 and they are mothers by the age of 15.

I bet you (people who can read english) were still watching cartoon network and saying "PICKA-CHOOOO" at that age. So, next time you flinch to a villager and might think about calling them ignorant, think about how you would have coped if you had their life to live.

But you would have survived. We all adapt to our situations thats what makes us humans. For example, if Kathmandu is really dusty and dirty, we complain, and protest, and maybe show our frustrations by cleaning Bagmati, but at the end of the day, we all wear face-masks. Its not because of just swine flu though.

I wonder off all the time. I was talking about 90s Kathmandu. The golden era. The time when girls started wearing jeans pants. The time when eating out was slowly becoming a culture, MoMos had established itself into Kathmandu's tastebuds, Gairidhara Nan sekuwa Corner was establishing, Bhat-Bhateni Supermarket was to be the biggest building around. ANd girls. Girls... started wearing jeans pant. Before that they might have been in salwar, or maybe they were already wearing jeans and I only noticed them later. But they didn't have those shapy jeans that girls wear today. You know those tight ones which you cannot take your eyes off once you look at them... hehe... It was more masculine jeans. Wearing pants was not only fashion then, it was more of a statement, that girls and guys were equal. This is one of the reason I respect my school Principal- Geeta Rana. I think she had that influence in that decision... see, Girls wore skirts until grade 5 Some of my friends still remember the colors of some of the girl's panties from back then... I came in at grade 6; so you cant blame me at all.

From grade 6, Galaxy girls wore pants. And I think I started noticing other girls who wore pants. Of course in KU, girls wore skirts, its a different Story all together. I believe Pants a symbol of control.... You know, a symbol of masculinity... of Manhood. Men wore pants above their waits on their belly buttons to hide that bulge of a stomach. Girls (unmarried of course) too wore pants but they were below their belly button right on the weist. Because they did not have that bulge of a stomach they looked very classy. Girls had them altered and made most men stare at the perfect shape... which is actually an illusion created by the master tailor... anyway, pants symbolized masculinity... sort of an equal-ness and girls did it with flair and sophistication... guys later followed suit with choose pants... geeta rana called it drain pipe pants... they go great with converse shoes.... Nowadays, Married women wear pants around the house. I think I would call them the boarding school generation.

You see. After every political revolution, there is this huge wave of change in Nepal... i think It was after the 1990s revolution which brought Kathmandu into a more westernized ( of course India influenced westernized) world.The introduction of cable television, people looking to go out and explore... and I think It was after that era that Kathmandu had more schools like Little Angels, Galaxy Public School, GEMS, AVM, ... which had many girl students and you know a sort of a patriarchal society was being transformed into a society where people believed that girls should have a chance to have good education. Girls went to St. Mary's school instead of Mahendra vidhya... you know the white dress school beside sano gaucharan. There were very cute girls studing there back then. But parents were under the idea that private education with more money investing has a more secure base for the future.

And of course, Co-education.

Now, if you remember, we have established earlier... like 2-3 paragraphs back that Nepalis are horny from their teens, and combine that with the FM culture which thrived from dance parties, and discos and concerts, you know events which helped young people get together. Also, there was a lot of influence from Hindi Cinema. LOVE was being explored. Amir Khan Escapes runs away with Juhi Chawla to have a romantic song after college. It was established. Of course, some films like "Bobby" had established it for people of older generations and maybe Amir KHan and Juhi chawla films only strenghtened the feeling more... Anyway, So, it was a great time for Nepali teens to explore cultures.

I was never a part of those events... I hated discos. I went to a few video game arcades; and that was that. But more so, I went to concerts. But I never played an instrument. I wanted to. But you know, its one of those things you want and you have to work hard to get and you dont want it anymore because the work seemed tedious. But There were many guys who played instruments. Who were good at sports. I never played any sports. I never saw any point to it. Of course we played some cricket in Tudikhel. But its a different story.

Overall, I think it was a great era. It ought to be. I grew up in this era.

It was also the era of cordless phones.... and... Well... I heard this conversation once. I woke up real early like around 4 am to do my Samajik Sikchya homework. And, you know, i was tuning my radio.
ANd i heard this conversation....
since I am paraphrasing, I might not get it exact.
It was between a boy and a girl, so you can guess what kind of relationship they had.... well, its
Its in Nepali.... so, i hope you guys have fun eavesdropping....


girl: bihana 4 baji sakyo hai 11 baje dekhin 4 baje samma 5 hours phone mah guff
boy : naya record hai. aajhai badaune ki yeashmai banda garne (keta lai nindra lagna thaleko 1 hour bhayesakeko thiyo)

girl : je gare pani huncha
boy : bichari timilai maile raat bhari uthaye hai.
girl : chyaa haina come on. jabardaasti uthayeko haina ni.. malai sutna mann bhayeko bhaye mah aginai saade 1 baje sutthiye (exact time when the girl wanted to sleep)
boy : laaaa. aaba suta hai. timilai rest chahincha ni.
girl : la timi pani suta.
boy: lah aaba phone rakha.
girl :nai timi rakha,
boy:haina rakha phone mah last samma sunne timro aawaz.
girl : haina timi rakha.
boy : hyaa rakhihala nah kehi hunna kiii.
girl : timi rakhna nah tah uso bhaye kehi nahune bhaye.
boy: haina mah narakhne re.
girl : ke mah pani rakhdina uso bhaye.
boy: rakha nah hyaa.... pheri bholi college janu parcha nindrai pugdaina timilai.
girl : je sukkai gara mah rakhdai rakhdina.
boy : lah lah sangai rakhne lah.
girl : lah lah
boy : 3 ganne ani sangai rakhne.
girl : ok suru gara count garna.
boy : nai timi suru gara.
girl: nai mah suru gardina timi gara suru.
boy : lah lah sangai garne hai
boy: 1
boy: khai rakheko???
girl: timi pahila rakha nah.
boy : hera yesto taal le hundai hundaina. phone bill dherai aauncha.
girl : ho ni mero last month 3900 aayeko thiyo.
boy : mero tah 4500 aayo last month.
boy: kasto gali khaye bhane.
girl : mero tah internet chalayera huncha ani tessaile dehrai aayeko bhanera bhanchu.
boy: ayee
girl: aaaba rakha hai ekdum thakiyo.
boy: phone mah guff garda kheri pani thakincha ra?
girl:thankincha ni. pheri bholi college janu parcha.
boy: lah bholi bhetumla ni uso bhaye.
girl: aaba rakha nah lah
boy: lah timi rakha
girl: ha ha. jhagada nagara kya rakhihala.
boy : lah lah aaba rakhne laa...............

girl : timile saas phereko sunirachu maile.
boy: timi rakhe pachi mah rakhchu bhanera kurirako thiye.

girl: lah hai tah rakhnne lah.
boy: ok aaba serious hunu parcha.
girl: ok
boy: ok
girl : bye
boy: good night
girl: good night
boy : lah hai
girl: lah bye bye...
boy: bye bye.
girl : lah rakha aaba
boy : haina timi rakha