Friday, November 11, 2011


Its fantasy.
Created for your mind.
And you willingly submit yourself for an entrapment...
You are trapped in the space, and time-
Its A fault of the system you created once-

The routine of existence..
and you shall pay for it,
with things that are dear to you-
pay with money, emotions, and time.

Emotions cannot reason,
you cannot think with that little corner in the brain... I call it amygdala... you call heart;
begins and ends in your home...
In your living room...
with a smaller canvas 14 to 40 inches;
or papers filled with information that lures you;
Lures you out of your home,
and into the big dark castle- with surround sound.

It is a Fantasy Dome,
and you expect to travel
into a new space everytime;
and you are never travelling light,
you carry these commodities,
for the other senses that you don't indulge in,
you want to make the best of the 2 hours; the culture of it, the whole experience of it.

Your sense of taste,
of smell and of touch. ....
you want it to feel good.
And the Show begins.
First they'll flirt with you.

They may make you laugh,
Smile, make you start liking what you see.
They have to. You have to.
You have to be eased into the whole process;
They will never use force,
your indulgence is too precious.

Its all a relaxing supply of serotonin and dopamine...
quiet little chemical impulses, in your brain...
Making you happy,
taking you into that fantasy you want from it.
They'll even use examples from your daily life.
Things you need to relate to,
Things that make you feel that that is me,
that is my idea, my voice.

And you use all your reasoning- but everything based on emotions...
They sum you up into simple formulas of life,
A Mission you always wanted to achieve,
Romance- love letters, beautiful conversations,
a kiss on the first date, Or the wish of it.

Adventures, fears, and everything you wished out of your
boring little life.
Accompanied with music,
to entrap your emotions some more...
make you feel like its you that you are watching...
And then before you know it- a twist.

Overworking your Amygdala,
they present you with another mission to accomplish.
And another, and another.
You never get tired of the indulgence,
While you are always sitting in that dark space,
and you forget of the thousands like you watching, feeling.
because you find your connection.
they want you connected.
They will never let you go free.. and you do not wanted to be free eighter;
you wanted escape...
escape into the mind of a bunch of men and women taking you for a ride into their minds...
their imaginations...

But you make it your own...
when they leave you,
You still don't come out of it,
and you are never free when you leave the dark dome.
The trip is never over...

and right after you go home,
Amir Khan will sell you Coca Cola in your living room.

- AbhiManyu Dixit, 10-21 p.m. 11-11-11, Bhat-Bhateni-5, Kathmandu


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