Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Its changed
so much.
I just wanted to see if its active- my blog.

and it was. but its changed so much, everything.
It took me almost half an hour to actually get to New post
and start writing.
everything is so new, and young, and hip.
makes you feel like an old man.

why wouldn't everything be young? everyone sells to younger people nowadays
you can't even go "Wow, look at that girl in the bikini ads," because she might be under 18, and you might be a creepy, old, bearded pedophile.

Late 20s is old. Early 30s is young though.

I want to bet, like, with real money, that,
When I start my 30s, I will look younger, and be more full of energy than when I am 27.
I am 27. No doubt about that, October 1, 1986. Teaching hospital. Always maintained that.

I was offered to change my age, in Galaxy, when the teachers told us to fill this form.
Just numbers right?

But I didn't.
Freegin Righteous No?
Now, I am 27, no stable job, no car, living from my parents, and a whole lot of freegin education.
I could have been
26, no stable job, no car, lives with me parents, and a whole lot of freegin education.
or even better
25, no stable job, no car, lives with me parents, and a whole lot of freegin education.

this is going to be that post.
That post that everyone has read,
by mid 20s, all my friends are married, and post children pictures on their facebook,
and we have to like it.
If you don't you're evil. So evil.

and when they make their children wear their football jersey, and tag you,
because once, 4 years ago, you put all your money on that one team
that never got you anywhere.
they tag you.
you have to like it
and then comment.

Nah, I am not angry at any specific one of you.
Its just that i want to write, but I don't know what to talk about.

maybe I have too much in my mind, or maybe I just have fragments of things I want to talk about, I am not confused on what I want to do. I want to type.
Freegin type until my fingers start finging and find a life of their own.

Yea, I think its going on as planned. My fingers finging and I am finding longer paragraphs.
But its rule isin't it?
Like if you want to say something different to what you have been saying, you need to change paragraphs.
I just press enter.

Anyway, being back feels ok. Nothing good about it.
So, looking back at what internet and people were about 2 years ago, and today,
the only difference is Memes.

Lovely pictures coming up with 1 liners, 2 liners, comic style boxes, and what not...
wonderful way to tell someone somthing, and not feel like you are offending the person.
and its all got to do with this one thing
human beings, no matter how civilized they are, they cannot keep their shit to themselves.
Like, keep your opinion to yourself kind of shit.

I cuff, curse a lot.
just for the day, its the excitement of being back. But then, like any grumpy old man,
I curse the present younger lot.
to quote a poem I have not written yet:

"I.... I you little piece of crap,
 I started free thinking
I... I began glorifying myself
You were not even of legal drinking age when I
I... invented awesomeness
I... I am your voice that dreamed to be a rebel,
Because of me, You can complain, and whine."


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