Sunday, August 31, 2014

From My Phone, To My Phone.

I don't know how long you'll be with me.
But when I wake up, you're the first thing I see.
Thats true! Even before my morning pee.
Or my morning tea. But I like drinking coffee.

I remeber we've been through a lot.
We've watched game of thrones while smoking pot.
We've googled incognito with keywords like 'slut'.
And we've always caps locked for EQUALITY, BUCKETS, and maybe a samakhusi HUT.

My dear phone, we've seen so much.
Vodafone Zoo Zoo dolls, and that dog from hutch.
Played teen-patti online, but never with real money as such.
Polish film makers on youtube, and that interview in dutch.

Thank you. For being so nice.
Ah, flipkart! Thats where I got you for quite cheap a price.
I've never had to be sad about Katrina Kaif in slice.
Just realised I've never had to photocopy any of my MA notes! Jesus Christ!!!

You're so funny.
Why else would you take me places that required my name, credit card, and money?
Is it really that dangerous to mix ghee with honey?
And My god! You once told me my girlfriend is going to be a mommy!!!

Here's to us.
To facebook, instagram, youtube, and all those apps.
To sexting, nudes, and comode angry birds.
To googling menstural pains, to googling pimples filled with pus.
To life, and to the pain of seeing that fuckface get married to your crush!!!

No, I am not giving you away,
Neither am I destroying you today.
This was something nice, I wanted to say.
Thank You for being this way, and staying this way.
And to quote superman, Up-Up-And-Away!!!