Friday, September 5, 2008

When i am high

time, place, event, date...building up..
first day at school cry, separarated, extended arms..building up ...
unknown lovers, adventures, everyone the same...
companionsfirst day at different school...
adult wreklessnessnot thinking about .... influence....
good or bad??
television... especially indian...
MONEY MAKING PROPAGANDA 1980s love movies, running away from homes...
building up their children turn out messed up.
younger.... building up perspective..
building up a single point of viewwhat everyone else says is wrong
Your path is greatbecause in the end, you dont want to say,
i lived my life following the wrong ethics.
Everyone is the same.
every teenager and young adult is a product or they want to be a product.
everyone wants to find love... everyone wants to be in love in a movie
in an advertisement
in a romantic love story where every moment equals to 2 hours of a whole lifetime.
especially girls
guys cant commit. they in turn want to be in love in "american pie"... building up
I am not old enough to speculate.
but i have my freedom of speech.
Life.. building up to death
what do you take with you??
memories.. only feast, mess up people's lives so everyone comes to your funeral
brush your teeth twice daily... let everyone know you're smiling
even though inside your'e depressed as hell
nature, youth, and technology, enjoy them before they change..
building upevery person equals 1 life.
remember that.
every person is as equal as your life.
try to respect every life like you respect your own.