Sunday, June 28, 2009

Staying up past Midnight... Memories

I have always liked the night I guess. Particularly, The music of the night. There is always this Pitch Black Silence. But you have the ambiance in the form of sad howls of dogs or bats screeching in glory or cuckoos just melodiously adding up some flair to the dark.

Well, The first time I stayed up all night was in Grade 8. (staying up all night means staying up till dawn breaks)- or The first sights of the murder of crows flying towards the sunrise.

The first time was the hardest, I guess. I don't really remember getting disoriented, but I still remember those nasty burps. It all started with a small thermos and a very very Black coffee. I had never had Black coffee in such a large quantity before. My drink was "Milo"- a chocolate drink. You used to get free Frisbees or sling shots in a jumbo Milo pack. You could drink about 5 Glasses of Milo and you'd be left asking for more. I had about 3 cups of the Black coffee and I felt the whole Mahabharata in my stomach. I tried to ignore it. Ah, I was staying up for my tests. "Optional Mathematics and Computer". A test in Galaxy Public School is a 25 marks, compulsory, mid term analysis of how the students are doing. You can fail in a test. Hence I experimented with the "WHOLE NIGHT" thing.

I stayed up till 5. That's when the crows came on. And I woke up around 7. The Burps woke me. I guess the empty stomach of the night combined with really black coffee that does not digest, made my stomach produce excess acid. And so those acidic belches.

I really hate those Belches that taste like rotten egg. Personally, I like Coca- Cola burps. Or even the burps that come after you have beer. Those are classic Burps. You paid for those, and you feel proud after doing those. No one wants their mouth to taste like a rotten egg early in the morning. And on top of it, I had to walk around with that face that says "I'm constipated".

So, I guess I got used to sleeping late. 12, or 1 or 2 even. I used to listen to the radio while doing my assignments. I grew fond of listening to some old Hindi songs, or some love stories at night. Those were nice programs. Subtle, nothing over the top.

KU made the sleeping habit worse I guess.

In the early days, I used to wake up around 7 15. Have something, wear my uniform, do my toilet duties and go to Bhat Bhateni before 7:45. Never missed a bus. Used to come home around 5:45. Simpsons were on at 6:15, So was always busy till 6: 45. 6:45, Either turn to HBO, or Start Movies or Cinemax for a movie or do practicals or both at the same time. Then stay on the net. Chat or do something else till 12 or 1 or 2 at night.

When I came to Dhulikhel, the timings didn't change. We didn't watch the Simpsons or see a movie but we talked, till really late. We used to Share Stories or talk for hours on anything.
So, the timings still were 12 or 1 or 2 at night.

Isc stopped really suddenly. My routine however stayed the same. After my Isc, I was living in London Time Zone. Australia were visiting England for Ashes 2005 summer. And, I watched every game, every day, even watched the highlights. I was practically living with the London Time Zone, my sleep timings remained the same. 12 or 1 or 2 at night.

Yeah, Kaag Tihar, Undergraduate 2 year I guess, I was in BC the whole night. Saw movies, had a few drinks, played a few cards... I don't have to explain the whole party scenario do I? Well, we boarded a Bus to Kathmandu at 5 in the morning. Went to Gaunshala for a tea, and then went to Pashupati. Anyway, we rested on Om Hospital and Research Center's canteen to have the morning tea.

No. Don't get me wrong. I do sleep. I can sleep. My needs are not even that special. I can sleep on the floor with two day's newspapers as my cushion. And its really cold and I am burning a heater. I can sleep on top a dining table. (I HAVE done them, both )... I can sleep when its cold. It gets really cold in Dhulikhel when the season's right. Umm, I can doze off anytime during the day time. If I choose to. I can sleep in a moving bus. I wake up if the bus stops moving though. Its got something to do with motion and the constant breeze of air. I guess its all in my mind. My moods. Am I starting to sound a bit Crazy now?

Its 3 in the morning, my father just came in. "sutnu pardaina talai?" ... Its nothing new, he didn't really elaborate on that. He used to. But he's giving up... Finally, well you know late has less benefits.

Well, I dont really have a good looking face, but I wouldn't want it to look worse than it already is. Not having enough Sleep is really bad for health. Skin too. You get those really dark circles around your eyes. If you have a positive outlook in life you may say it makes you look like John lennon without the glasses.

Not healthy for the brain. I used to like the high I got after losing sleep for a couple of days. I was more disoriented than a drunk maths teacher. They don't usually drink, but when they do... watch out.

I like staying up late. I don't know. I need to get some things in order in me life. I will miss staying up late though if I stop staying up late.


  1. Nice reading u as well....well really personal article...u r talking abt 3 cups of black coffee...well I had ... dozen cups while i was abt to give SAT xam...but i had dare sleepless night....i love sleep and love to sleep...anytime...anytime means anytime...hahaha

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