Wednesday, April 8, 2009

YOU- The Audience

Everyone's read the Paras interview.

And it must have started some thought process. See, I heard people talking in the bus about trying him on. And people will give him some votes. I called them " BHEDA" under my breath, then, but I AM SHOUTING.

If I have to blame someone for this, I blame the Nepali Newspapers Media Tussle.
There are two new newspapers launching in websites trying to make impression. Meanwhile, older newspapers are changing formats looking more sophisticated in design. And Blah!!! in content... with one mission: "Sell Sell Sell"

Nepalese have to be media literate to know that they are being played around. Newspapers should not dumb down content so much that people start behaving like the consumers of Indian News Channels.

Sure the reporters and editors knew about Paras and the PR person Clement Mesenas.

Ok, here is what we know through Nepali media:

Paras decides to talk about the Royal Massacre publicly for the first time... in SINGAPORE, that's 2001 to 2009 (count the years).
And he wants to join the politics. He is allowed to by the laws of the country.

Let the Deciphering Begin....

Why an interview now?

The king was in the spotlight. He was visiting Paras' In-laws. Paras does some analysis. and Hires a PR agency- BANG PR, in Singapore. The agency sends Clement Mesenas to improve his image. The interview was conducted as planned by Clement Mesenas.

This is a news report in Bang PR website. Dated : 29 October 2008

"VETERAN JOURNALIST CLEMENT MESENAS JOINS BANG PUBLIC RELATIONS- Clement Mesenas, previous TODAY journalist has joined BANG PR as Director of Editorial and Media Advisory"

Whoa, This sounds like a conspiracy theory Already....


In the Mesenas piece, Paras says he decided to open up because "the Nepali people need to know the truth". The New Paper writes "he now wants to clear his name" about "the ugly rumors of his involvement in the incident". (Eric Ellis, Asia Sentinel)

Yeah, every book from that era says He did it. He cant run for office with that image.

Besides, he had been known to be a little drunk- Hit and Run- Singer Killing - Harley Davidson Riding- Wife Beating- most notorious Crown Prince of the Free Media era.

He needed an Image change.

And that's where the Public Relations Man comes in.


What is a PR man??

You call Public Relations professionals to make people adore you to support your cause or your company.

Every company does it, Coke, Pepsi.

This is the intro page of BANG PR WEBSITE:

"BANG Public Relations offers strategic, creative and effective public relations and media communications solutions for our valued clients.

Our number one goal is to deliver top-notch results. Whether they are start-ups, mid-sized companies or large corporations, we know our clients are all in a race. They have engaged a PR firm because they need high quality results for successful branding, sales and profits. "

At many firms, PR success usually means media coverage, but at BANG PR, coverage is just one of several essential components of how we define success.

I guess its a part of Marketing Communications. And they are bad people,my ad teacher says he is going to hell. They target all the money in your pocket, bank Balance, house assets, your wife's wedding jewelery gifted to her by her grandma.

But, Politically its votes.

You need people to like you first to vote you.

Maoists used marketing communications to a great extent.

Remember that NAYA NEPAL MAP??? It had separate "Rajya" for almost all minority. It even had plans for cross country electric vehicle travel, industries in Far western region, where you walk for 5-6 days.
They had 10 years thing going on then, which was a great strategy to win votes, and many student supporters.

Also, Prachanda was practically the President of the walls.

And, newspaper ads - Sort of like Mayos' "Palo Naya Pidi Ko", which was great because of the war with established WAI WAI.
Maoists were Mayos, COngress and UML were Wai Wai. Congress= WAI, UML= WAI.

Maosits won that one. Others didn't understand the audience. Simple.

These are a few Lines:
for marketing communications...

You can't be a great man if you don't tip your waiter.
You can write in Facebook all you want but I earn Rs. 1000, from one article.
Profits are indicators of your success- always.

So, how do Marketers make Money?
BY making BHEDAS of everyone else in the society. Why do you think Prachanda and Baburam Wear a Rolex?
Girija wears a new cloth everyday.
UMLs are NGOs. Full stop.
All that money spent in Marketing for what?

I have an Example:

You are a parent. You take your kid for a walk, he sees a small toy helicopter- it costs a fortune for you.

Your kid starts crying in front of everyone, and you know some of these people. You are embarrassed, and you know your kid will make a bigger scene if you don't get him what he wants.

This was more of a get the money in your pocket through your kid. Now, it maybe your wife. your Girlfriend or You yourself.

You may have a defense mechanism, but you probably lose in the end.

Another one:

Here is my Brand List:

Wake up wash my face : water stored in Hilltake tank
brush my teeth : Toothbrush : Pearl
toothpaste: Colgate
I have a tea: "Ram Dai ko chiya Pasal" (Personal Marketing, there is a signboard i guess)
I buy Groceries: "Bhawani Didi ko Kirana Pasal" (No sign board)
I do the dishes: Vim Bar
I cook: Kriti (Pressure Cooker)
Surya Shri (Gas Stove)
I make my bed : Bhaiya ko kaath ko pasal (he's called Bhaiya by almost everyone)
I pat my Brother's Bike Before I go Out: Pulsar 200
And I look around, I see some people with Dhaka Topi*, some with converse* shoes, some with Wrangler Jeans*, I can go on.
and that's Dhulikhel.

Ok, my head hurts, I need a D- Cold Break.

I spend all my money for Marketing. I am a product of the society I live in.
We want our personality to be co-related with the brand we wear.
"Gatsby" Hair and "reebok" shoes. The examples are more prominent in Newroad or Jwalakhel.

People, swarming, and everyone has a similar look, same taste, same style, everyone is a Bheda following a trend. And everyone wants to look like their celebrities in the posters.

I am not saying I am free from the Bheda Disease. Everyone's got it. I don't know to what extent.

But The society works right? They work just fine. Like they have always done. And this time, everyone gets to be happy. The celebrities make money.
We look good.
The politicians Make money.
The media has a job.
And Paras wants to come back home.

Everyone has a fix. An addiction, a desire to be happy.

I don't know.

Maybe this culture of Hiring a marketing communicator to improve your image could be good for the country. You know, people may start liking politicians. They like Gagan Thapa. And how can you tell he doesn't use a marketing communicator.

But I cant predict, I am not an expert.


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