Tuesday, August 18, 2009

15 minutes of Fame

I hate it when people are famous for having no talent. What kind of celebrities are they? Models. I have this theory. Beautiful people are stupid. Especially beautiful people who come on the media.

They are famous because they are beautiful. Now I am not cursing a profession. Its good to be professional, but people really have to think about the effects of their profession. Fashion TV has really really beautiful, professional, mouth watering girls. They get paid more in a day's job than what we earn in a year just for staying beautiful and anorexic. But They dont think about the effects. That's why I call them stupid.

One of The effect on the society is that girls... very very young girls... who are told they are beautiful by their parents... who mold their perception of society looking at fashion TV become very depressed... Because of the model's figures. They start striving to achieve it. So, they start dieting- depriving themselves of all the essential nutrients they need to grow up healthily. Some even start painful sessions of self induced vomiting.

We sort of discussed celebrities in "Media Culture and Society". That was like 2 years ago. We need models to sell. Because guys like looking at girls and girls like being looked at by guys and the media being the place to show us "what we should strive to be like".
Celebrities are hence used by media. Especially advertisers. However, these people have a very small screen life. You have heard the line "15 minutes of fame". I told you they have no talents.

I hate it when people are famous for having no talents. Rishi Dhamala- he had this space for news people to collect news. Dont microscope the guy. You will find talents everywhere if you do that. Even staying anorexic is a talent then.

OK an example then. and also the reason I am writing this. I am trying to tell it like a love story. Bear with me.

City Center. Kamalpokhari. The new Mall where they show the 4D movie. I went to see that the other day. It costs Rs. 300. Its a waste of money. Archan had told me so. But I went there anyway. Just to see technology. And they had that warning sign... NO HEART PATIENTS... NO PREGNANT WOMEN ALLOWED INSIDE. I thought it was scary. (A victim of good marketing).

And there she was. I first saw her in the 2nd floor. And I ran into her on the 3rd floor. YOu know, sometimes, you see a person, and you have that feeling that you have met her somewhere, but you dont really remember. I dont really meet too many good looking girls. I study in KU. Girls in KU are not stupid.

Anyway.. I knew her from somewhere. I didnt remember. Maybe she looked like someone I knew.

Whatever... She was beautiful. She was wearing this whitish kurta with some blue pattern. I dont know what that pattern was, I couldn't take my eyes of the most beautiful, perfect face I had ever seen. I dont know the color of her eyes. I wasnt so close. But they were supported by the wonderful looking eyebrows. And killer expressions when she was talking. She gazed into a bag shop from outside. You know we sort of tend to focus our eyes to something that's far. And she did that with expressions. अदा. It was like WOW. And she was a human. She didn't have wings. I checked that.

All the while I was lost in my thoughts (everything written above and many things more),... I didn't realize I was staring at her, and I was stalking her. You draw a line somewhere right? So I stopped. Sat down and recollected. Then it came to me. I had been seeing her every time I come to kathmandu in Baneshwore standard Chartered Bank's green colored hoarding board. Almost everyday In Jamal's overhead bridge- Samgsung. She always looked great with that apple in her hand. Sneh Rana.

It was mesmerizing. I was under the spell of true beauty. I had to wait for about an hour for the 4D movie. It was sweetest hour I ever spent. I stayed imagining her sitting right by me inside the hall, and then asking me "I am scared May i Hold your Hand?". I know. A teenager's fantasy. hehe. I am not ashamed. It was nothing dirty, or lusty. It was very sacred. I was respecting true beauty.

My point:
She was not anorexic. And she is talented. She is a beautician. She is married though. "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife". But anyway... it was beauty perfect beauty. Because she is a beautician, maybe in her case it'll stay for more than just the 15 minutes (I hope it does). And so its not a crime to be beautiful, and to make money off it. But People should respect beauty if it makes sense. And advertisers will never stop using these beautiful people. But health should also be a priority. The audience is always stupid. They'll buy it if someone convincing sells it to them. The people who make it convincing should start believing in heaven and hell and do something for the people.


  1. Interesting thoughts! Enjoyed reading.

  2. Interesting post, liked your ideas on anorexic models, we should discourage such practice.

  3. One of the best of your posts..i liked it too much. the lines i liked the most:
    "And she was a human. She didn't have wings. I checked that."
    "I am scared May i Hold your Hand?". I know. A teenager's fantasy"

    keep writing