Saturday, May 10, 2008

Just a thought

I was looking for blogs the other day, to look at some stable heads in the world of BLOG. I was not satisfied. Most of them post without much knowledge of why they are doing it. I am not talking about professional bloggers, that's their job. I am talking about others who think they have some knowhow.

I have only begun, this is my second post and its not fair on my part to be creul to other bloggers. Who knows, I might turn out to be like one of those bloggers who would write just for the sake of writing.

the whole day yesteray i spent on research. and yes there are some bloggers who are very praise worthy, their style of writing is pretty good and they bring newer ideas into inquisitive minds. But I cant be so sure on that either.

One of the smaller problem here is- people writing without much information. You know, generalizing out of very small amount of information many researchers do the same thing but after years of research with millions of considerations (good researchers)... wait i'm generalizing again now.

That's not a big issue though there is so little time to do so many things in this cant spare to sit down and analyze every little detail of every little thing. But dont be so rigid in your conclusion... say "maybe..." I would love to site some examples... but then again I would be generalizing... this is just a thought. lets have some study beforehand shalll we??

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  1. hi, i am new to this blogging too! lol sadly i write sometimes without thinking too! nice blog